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‘Many thanks to you Dan for a cracking weekend, and thanks to Chris, Sam, Ian and James for being excellent company.’

F.W.22/02/13 – Winter Skills Course


‘Thanks for a great weekend, I really learned a lot of useful stuff and enjoyed all the laughs, great to meet everyone.’

C.W. 19/02/13 – Winter Skills Course


‘It was really really good, and the way that you both worked together was excellent-I think the most effective leaders are those that project a really calm exterior and keep any behind the scenes dramas firmly behind the scenes-I suppose leading a group of cops who are instinctively programmed to take charge themselves must have presented its own challenges, but the whole week was really smooth and well organised, and left us with nothing to worry about except how to keep our legs moving!!

The summit day was especially well judged, with the differing speeds of the two groups catered for by different start times, without any of the slower group actually being made to feel they were slow! The pace then was timed so that everyone summited together naturally and this is really helpful for group unity.’

T.L. 29/05/13 – Toubkal Expedition


‘The expedition was well organised and I felt that you both provided support for all levels of walkers. The time available in Marakesh made the trip for me and would suggest that similar flights are maintained for future trips to give people the opportunity to experience Marakesh’

G.P. 22/05/13 – Toubkal Expedition


‘I will comment on other specific elements later on but in general I felt that the trip was excellent.  In terms of the budget I thought that it was an incredible experience for the price and the fact that it was such a short flight as well minimized the travelling and made the most of the time.  The organization was faultless and because of that it felt very chilled out considering we were on a fairly tight schedule.  I thought the group management was superb especially for the walking days.  I cannot speak for all but I felt very unhassled and able to do the walk at a pace that was challenging but within my capability – I think to get everybody to the top and at about the same time was a credit to the temperament and skills of the guides.  I loved the last day in Marrakech and thought it was nice to have some time to relax after the work out and experience a new city.’

G.C. 20/05/13 – Toubkal Expedition


Hi Dan

Just to say thank you again for such an amazing trip! To me it ran like clockwork, well organised and great value.

It was a pleasure to meet you both and hopefully in the future I can join you on another expedition.

Have a lovely restful weekend with your family

C.S. 17/05/2014 – Toubkal Expedition


Bearing in mind this was a trek up a mountain, in a country that is not massively wealthy I thought that the standard of accommodation, service and food was very good and far exceeded what I was prepared for.I enjoyed the whole experience thoroughly – a good challenging trek that I felt safe doing and a great wind down in Marrakech afterwards. I’m sure that the assembled company on the trip helped but it was one of the most enjoyable experiences that I have had.In addition I would like to say that you were both friendly and approachable expedition leaders who I would not hesitate in recommending to others or accompanying again at some point – hopefully – in the not too distant future.

C.B. 24/05/14 – Toubkal Expedition


Thanks for such an enjoyable trip! I achieved something I never thought I would do and thanks to yourself and Ken’s calm confidence I never doubted that I would reach the summit. It was a brilliant experience and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

F.P. 27/05/2014 – Toubkal Expedition


Mount Toubkal (4167m) Morocco with a great group of folks ably organised and led by  Ken Storer of www.aspire2summit.com   Epic trip

JM 08/06/2019 – Toubkal Expedition


What an incredible week this has been. I reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (5895 metres) on Thursday morning. Huge thanks to Ken Storer of Aspire2Summit and Ahsante Tours for all of the brilliant support over the course of this week. Thank you also to all those who climbed it with me! It has been a week I will never forget!

JC 30/08/2019 – Kilimanjaro

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